Microresidence! 2013/2014

Drawing together artists and microresidence directors from across Germany, the Netherlands, Armenia, UK, Israel, Phillipines and Japan the microresidence forum was realized in February 2014 under the title “Considering Artist in Residence (AIR): A home for the creative activities of artists, its structure as an important vessel within society, and the potentials of a network“, building on previous dialogue initiated in the Microresidence! 2012 program, and pushing forward discussion and research with the aim of highlighting the vital role of AIR as places of artistic production firmly rooted in society. As part of this program participants undertook research upon various microresidence initiatives around Japan as well as sharing surveys undertaken in areas such as the CIS. Through various discussions the social, political, and cultural context of AIR was placed under the spotlight and its social function debated, the new relationships between microresidencies and “macro” art universities were considered, and concrete suggestions were drawn as to how a new collaborative project might be realized between microresidencies. Full documentation of this program has been brought together in this accompanying catalogue.


Documentation of Microresideince! 2012 can also be found at the link below.


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